Octapus Garden
28. On Logan Creek D 67X48
25. Beyond Cressbrook C. 50X50
20. Grassy Hills to their Summit C 76x102
24. Lost in Lofty Forest G 82x63
22. Big River C. 82x63
21. Up Cressbrook Ck G 82x63
19. Gregor's Ck Specimen G 82x63
15. Up on Mt Twiss C 82x63
14. Approaching D'Aguliar G 82x63
13. Moores the Pity G 82x63
12. 4 Men 2Ox and a Dray G 82x63
11. Inpenetrable Bush G 82x63
10. Across Rocky Knob C 40x50
8. Mt Beppo Rising C 50x40
4.Down Laidley's Plain C 50x50
3.Across Cressbrook Plain C 50x50
6. Down on Scrub Ck G 82x63
2. Approaching 3 Hummock Hill G 82x63
News release
42. Logan's Yanada P 48X67
43. Commidy Water C 40X90
37. Leaving Yugara D 67X48
38. Approaching Mt.Irwin D 67X48
39. Cooee! D 67X48
37. Amity 31x50x50
36.Beyond Lockyer Creek D 67X48
35. Jingeri Logan C 40X80
35. Jingeri Loganv
34. Boo! C 100X80
29.Explorer C. 100X75
30. Horse Shoe Bay Chererooba 79x79
2. Help! 79x54
1. Washed up! 95x49
7. Four Pelicans 39x74
9. Parsons Rescue 80x80

about my Drawing and Painting.


In my drawings, I have mostly used a fine green bamboo stick as a pen and Indian Ink as the medium. The bamboo is an interesting tool. The technique was shown to me by Ian Smith in his drawing class of 1973 at the Brisbane College of Art. The bamboo does not have a reservoir and so all marks made on a surface are limited in length and this informs the image. The process is not forgiving so you are forced to make each mark count. The outcome is a sense of fluidity that you do not get with graphite or paint.

The paintings on glass in the "Explorer Series" represent a transition from the bamboo technique. Unlike a canvas where the surface is textured and has a resistance – the glass surface is slippery and fluid. Look at the brushstrokes on the glass paintings and you will see what I mean. I use acrylic paint. I find that the paint dries quickly and the pigmentation today is excellent with good coverage. All the wood frames are imported rough sawn Indian Acacia hardwood.

Finally, the paintings on canvas encompass both of the previous techniques and processes and become a sum of the parts.


I hope you like them!