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I can pack and send your selected painting anywhere in Australia or Overseas. For deliveries in Australia I use Star Express Parcel service to your door. For International freight I use the International Australia Post Service. Both methods use a track and send method.

Explorer Trilogy Price List

Recent Works by Rod Cassidy September 2017

Last updated 30 Sep 2017


1Approaching Emu Creek Acrylic on Canvas50x76cm SOLD 

2Approaching Three Hummocks Hill Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

3Across Cressbrook Plain Acrylic on Canvas50x50cm $  425.00

4Down Laidley's Plain Acrylic on Canvas50x50cm $  425.00

5Around Mt Beppo Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

6Down on Scrub Creek Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

7Up Rocky Knob Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

8Mt Beppo Rising Acrylic on Canvas50x40cm $  425.00

9Down a Grassy Summit Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

10Across Rocky Knob Acrylic on Canvas40x50cm $  425.00

11Impenetrable Brush Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

12Four Men Two Ox and a Dray Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

13Moore's the Pity Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

14Approaching D'Aguilar  Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

15Up on Mt Twiss Acrylic on Canvas90x50cm $  495.00

16Bon Ox Acrylic on Glass82x63cm SOLD 

17Irwin's Range Camp Acrylic on Canvas76x102cm SOLD 

18On Lister's Peak Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

19Gregor's Creek Specimen Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

20Grassy Hills to their summits Acrylic on Canvas76x102cm SOLD 

21Up the Cressbrook Creek Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

22Big River Acrylic on Canvas79x105cm $  995.00

23Laidley Camp Acrylic on Canvas50x50cm SOLD 

24Lost in Lofty Forest Acrylic on Glass82x63cm $  495.00

26Washed Up  Acrylic on Canvas95x49cm $  795.00

27Swimmer Assemblage50x33cm $  195.00

28On Logan Creek Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

29Explorer Acrylic on Canvas100X75cm SOLD 

30Go Home Logan Drawing67x48cm SOLD 

31Towards Limestone Drawing67x48cm SOLD 

32Leaving Doolmoor Drawing67x48cm SOLD 

33Yugura Bigi Moon Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

34Boo! Acrylic on Canvas100x80cm $  895.00

35Jingeri Logan Acrylic on Canvas40x80cm $  695.00

36Beyond Lockyer Creek Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

37Leaving Yugara Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

38Approaching Mt Irwin Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

39Cooee! Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

40Murrumba Track Drawing67x48cm SOLD 

41Sorry Business Drawing82x63cm $  395.00

42Logan's Yanada Drawing67x48cm $  295.00

43Commidy Water Acrylic on Canvas40x90cm $  795.00

44AmityAssemblage  $  175.00

45On the Beppo Track Drawing67x48cm SOLD 

JOHN OXLEY 1824 – A man in his boat

painting catalogue reference July 2016

Buying? Each work has an identifying Cataloque Number on the left. Go to the "Contact" page and email me your selection. I will confirm your order by email and include freight cost if applicable. All paintings are framed and ready to hang.


2Help 79X54 $     825.00 Acrylic on Canvas

3Message in a Bottle 79X54 $     825.00 Acrylic on Canvas

4Approaching Belle Vue 95X49 $     775.00 Acrylic on Canvas

5Jagera Moon exit 33x125 $     825.00 Acrylic on Canvas

7Four Pelicans 39x74 $     775.00 Acrylic on Canvas

8Turrbal Chase 39X74 $     775.00 Acrylic on Canvas

9Parson's Rescue 80x80 $   SOLD Acrylic on Canvas

10Two Galahs 93x63 $     895.00 Acrylic on Canvas

11Up Oxley Creek 94x49 $     845.00 Acrylic on Canvas

12Five Pelicans 125x44 $     925.00 Acrylic on Canvas

13A chain of Ponds 125x44 $     925.00 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

14Stroke 105x79 $     775.00 Acrylic on Canvas

15He's got the Jack 93x93 $     775.00 Acrylic on Canvas

16Three Pelicans 93x83 $     895.00 Acrylic on Canvas

17Approaching Yerrool 93x83 $     985.00 Acrylic on Canvas

19Approaching Youggera 23x85 $     425.00 Acrylic on Canvas

20Hello Parsons 93x93 SOLD Acrylic on Canvas

22Approaching the Bremer 105x79 $  1,095.00 Acrylic on Canvas

24Two Pelicans 53x43 $     350.00 Acrylic on Canvas

25It was this big! 43x34 $     350.00 Acrylic on Canvas

26Oxley Journal 53x43 $     350.00 Acrylic on Canvas

27Gotcha 53x43 $     350.00 Acrylic on Canvas

28Lunch 53x43 $     350.00 Acrylic on Canvas

29Jagera Moon 78x63 SOLD Acrylic on Canvas

30Horse Show Bay Chererooba 79x79 $     985.00 Acrylic on Canvas

31Exit Oxley Creek 79x105 $  1,095.00 Acrylic on Canvas

32Dandiiri Maiwar Sweep 79x105 $  1,025.00 Acrylic on Canvas

33Down Pumice Passage 79x105 $  1,025.00 Acrylic on Canvas

34Bull Shark 95x49 $     855.00 Acrylic on Canvas

36Man in a boat 38x51x70 $     275.00 Assemblage

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