The Early Years

1972 - 1985

Rod Cassidy latest Show at the

Graydon Gallery Newfarm, Brisbane

I was just a tad impressed when I saw the 1978 List for the finalists in the Archibald Prize (won by Brett Whitely). In alphabetical order, number seven was the piece “Ray McGuire” by Rodney Cassidy – a young Brisbane painter in very elite company indeed viz. – Judy Cassab, Kevin Conner, Frank Hinder, Fred Williams et al: so what a wonderful start for a young artist’s budding career.

Fast forward to 2016 – the interim years being filled with Art Teaching (culminating in 1990 to 1994 with the Headmastership of Helensvale State High School – in itself a fairly unique posting for a lowly art teacher) and finally in 1995 to 2016 in partnership with his lovely wife April, running Trekka Imports PL. Not a lot of time left over for painting – but now, after a layoff of almost thirty years, Rod the Artist is back – with a wonderful and delightful vengeance.

As a person involved in Art for over half a century, on viewing a work I look for two things –

Firstly, at the image or presence of the piece, and secondly, how it is made: - paint quality, brushwork, energy, rhythm and movement, colour – mood, atmosphere and light – and throw in a bit of narrative for good measure.

Rod’s paintings encompass all of the above, and being a Scorpio, there is sometimes a bit of a sting in the tale, tempered by a wry sense of humour. I enjoyed the works in this show immensely, and now that the creative flood gates have been opened, look forward in anticipation to the future shows by this gifted and talented artist.


  • Warren Palmer