Logan is the final Series in the Explorer Trilogy. The Trilogy is a series of three art exhibitions that are connected, and that can be reviewed either as a single focus (John Oxley) or as three individual Collections – Oxley, Cunningham and Logan. The Trilogy presents a narrative whimsical interpretation of the endeavours of three Explorers. 


Narrative art is art that tells a story as a sequence of events unfolding over time, a style of painting marked by openness of form, with shapes distinguished by variations of colour rather than by outline or contour. Whimsical art is a vibrant and playful style of art that is childlike and carefree.

“It was March 1826 by the time Logan reached the Penal settlement, aboard the Amity. The Penal Settlement at Brisbane was quite primitive and Logan embarked on a building program, and on planting maize. He designed and oversaw the construction of a hospital, a jail and a windmill. The infamous Patrick Logan administered exceptionally brutal treatment to convicts while the colony was under his command.

Logan is best celebrated today for his systematic exploration of south-east Queensland. He set out to explore and chart the headwaters of the Brisbane River with a small party of one private (his servant), and three convicts. The Party was several times confronted by large armed groups of Aborigines. He had the habit of riding ahead of his Party. He was murdered in 1830 at Mt Beppo, near Toogoolawah.”